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Decorate Like a Pro with Flea Market Finds

Learn the tips, tricks, and tools interior designers use to create a gorgeous, magazine-worthy home. Read about the basic rules of home design, and when to break them. Get advice and ideas for mixing flea market and yard sale finds with your existing furnishings, or for starting from scratch.
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Accent Tables to Take Home
To decorate your home well, you need more table types than matching end tables and an eating table in the kitchen. You also need a few special accent tables to really make your space stand out. Here are five accent table types to watch for during your next flea market or antique mall shopping trip.

How to Update Your Space without Buying Anything New
You can update your interior without buying anything new -- or used. At most, you might have to spring for some hardware or a bit of paint.

8 Ways to Spice Up a Boring Space
Is your space looking boring and stale? Spice it up with these eight easy ways to add character.

6 Types of Tables to Use as Nightstands
It doesn't have to be a real bedside table to look good beside the bed. When decorating your bedroom, consider these seven types of tables to use as nightstands.

8 Alternative Nightstand Ideas
Before you buy a bedside table, consider an alternative to a conventional nightstand. From an antique secretary to a stack of big books, read about eight alternative nightstand ideas.

4 Ways to Repurpose China Cabinets
Instead of buying a new storage or display piece, repurpose an antique or vintage china cabinet. The cost is less and the look is better. Here are four good ways to use an old china cabinet.

How to Repurpose Flea Market Furniture
You don't have to use flea market furniture as the original manufacturer intended. Instead, you might repurpose an old lab table as a kitchen island. Or, turn a china cabinet into a bookshelf. Here are some great ways to repurpose flea market furniture.

6 Ways to Use an Old Rolling Cart
Ever spot an old rolling cart at a flea market or thrift store? They're usually inexpensive and fairly easy to find -- which makes them ideal for repurposing for your home.

DIY Furniture Made from Yard Sale and Flea Market Finds
When both your home and your pocketbook are empty, it's time to consider some of these DIY furniture ideas.

Antique and Vintage Furnishings Every Home Needs
No matter how modern your taste or how new most of your furnishings, every home looks better when you add a few antique and vintage pieces to the mix.

6 Ways to Use a Freestanding Kitchen Cabinet
In the days before kitchen walls were covered with built-in cabinetry, freestanding kitchen cabinets were the norm. Today, you can use those vintage cabinet units to decorate and organize your home.

5 Places to Use a Chest of Drawers
If you find a sturdy, attractive chest of drawers on your next flea market or antique mall shopping trip, consider buying it. A chest works well for more than just storing sweaters, shirts, and lingerie.

How to Add Vintage Charm to Your New Home
Give your new home an older look with these vintage fittings, fixtures, and furnishings.

5 Places to Use a Table Desk
A table desk comes in handy for more than just desk space. If you spot one on your next secondhand shopping trip, here are five good places to use them.

7 Ways to Use an Old Lab Table
Give your home an industrial touch by repurposing an old lab table for your interior. Vintage lab tables come in both table and counter heights, and you can read about seven good ways to use them.

Urban Kitchen Nook Ideas
Breakfast nooks aren't just for country and cottage kitchens. Sip your morning coffee in sophisticated style with these urban kitchen nook ideas.

Dining Room Basics
When it's time to decorate your dining room, start with these basic pieces.

5 Ways to Use Old Doorknobs
Turn antique and vintage doorknobs into decorations for your home.

5 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid
If you choose the wrong throw pillow, replacing it is pretty cheap. If you make a decorating mistake while planning your space, you might have to start over.

5 Common Decorating Mistakes
Don't let these common decorating mistakes keep your home from looking like a showplace. Though the mistakes are common, the fixes are fairly easy.

The 15 Worst Decorating Mistakes
Are you making decorating mistakes in your home? Review 15 of the worst, and most common, mistakes DIY decorators make.

5 Decorating Mistakes to Stop Making
If you're making these decorating mistakes, stop. These five mistakes are easy to make, and they're just as easy to fix.

Entry Hall Basics
Walking into an empty entry hall doesn't feel welcoming. Furnish yours with the basics so you can welcome guests and family members alike.

Living Room Basics
The best way to decorate your living room is by starting with the basics. That futon leftover from your college days doesn't count.

Bathroom Basics
Even small spaces such as bathrooms need the decorating basics. Yours may not hold a lot of furniture and accessories, but you can make the most of what fits.

10 Ways to Display Vintage Textiles
Handcrafted textiles make beautiful decorations for your home, especially antique and vintage examples. Read about 10 charming ways to display them.

5 Ways to Repurpose Damaged Textiles
If they're beautiful, don't toss damaged textiles, especially if they're antiques. You can repurpose the pieces instead.

DIY Accents and Accessories Made from Flea Market Finds
A low budget doesn't mean you only get to live with the necessities. Hit the yard sales and flea markets, and then turn your finds into some of these DIY accents and accessories.

Display Pieces: The Pieces You Need to Display Your Stuff
Finding the right artwork and decorative objects to adorn your home is just the start. You also need the right pieces to display them. Here's what to watch for the next time you visit your favorite flea market, antique mall, or thrift shop.

Display Furniture - Furniture-Sized Display Pieces
If your room could use another piece of furniture, consider buying a display piece. It's an attractive way to fill in a blank space, and it's a good way to display your favorite stuff.

Tabletop Display Pieces
Choose one or more of these charming tabletop display pieces to showcase your favorite artwork and home accessories. Tabletop display pieces are ideal when you're setting up new vignettes and decorating bookcases and hutches. Read about seven types to watch for while you shop.

Accent Furniture to Take Home
Look for these types of accent furniture on your next yard sale or flea market shopping trip.

How to Decorate with a Single Kitchen or Dining Chair
You don't have to buy the entire set to use a kitchen or dining chair. Read about six decorative and functional ways to use a single chair.

Add Storage to Your Kitchen using Flea Market Finds
Before giving up and remodeling, try adding kitchen storage using these charming flea market finds. You can use the money you save to decorate the rest of the house.

Decorating 101
If interior decorating doesn't come naturally for you, here's a fast course of Decorating 101. Once you have the basics down, you'll be able to handle the rest.

Bedroom Basics
Your bedroom isn't a sanctuary if the only furniture is a mattress set stacked on the floor. No matter how small your budget, you can furnish your private space with these bedroom basics.

10 Flea Market Finds to Take Home
Turn vintage finds into charming home decor. Here are 10 flea market finds to take home today.

10 Things to Display under Bell Jars
Protect delicate collectibles and sentimental objects while they're on display by placing them under bell jars.

10 Ways to Display Vintage Jewelry
Don't stash your vintage and antique costume jewelry out of sight when you're not wearing it. Display and decorate with your collection instead.

12 Things to Keep on Hand for Creating New Vignettes
Keep these 12 tools and supplies on hand for creating vignettes.

13 Flea Market Finds to Turn into Table Lamps
Get the designer lamp look from a DIY project when you turn flea market finds into table lamps. Here are 13 lamp base ideas to get you started.

17 Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Color
Painting is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add instant oomph to your rooms. Follow these tips to learn how to choose the right color for your walls, trim, and accents -- and how to use paint to minimize the flaws your room may have.

5 Ways to Add Pattern to Your Walls without Wallpapering
If your landlord won't let you wallpaper, or if you just want something less permanent, add pattern to your walls with these five wallpaper alternatives.

5 Ways to Create an Accent Wall
Add interest to your room by creating a dramatic accent wall.

Accent Wall Ideas
Give a boring room a boost by adding an accent wall. Accent walls work well as focal points, and there are numerous ways to create one.

Accessorizing a Room
Your room isn't finished until you accessorize. Accessorizing a room personalizes your space and makes it look complete.

Alternative Seating for Dining Rooms
In some ways, almost all dining rooms look the same. The focal point of the room is always a table surrounded by chairs. Add a bench, banquette, or settee to one side of your dining table to vary the look.

Book, Study, and Reading Spaces: Home Libraries and Reading Nooks
Whether you have an entire empty room or just a corner, you can turn that unused space into a charming spot to read, research, or study.

Decorating the Bedroom
Transform your bedroom into a private haven where you can rest, dress, and spend private time. Decorating the bedroom won't even cost much if you furnish it with flea market finds.

Decorating the Dining Room with Flea Market Finds
Transform your dining room with these DIY projects using flea market finds.

Decorating with Color
Most rooms need a bit of color to look their best, even if you favor stark interiors. To add color the right way, read all about decorating with color.

Decorating with Fabric
No matter what your favored decorating style, decorate with fabric to add color and pattern to your home.

Decorative Storage with Flea Market Finds
Before you start tossing your treasures or shopping the home-storage aisle at the department store, consider using flea market finds as decorative storage. In addition to spending less, you can turn practical storage into an attractive display.

Exterior Door Shutters
Increase your curb appeal and add charm by installing shutters on your exterior doors.

Fast Home Makeover Projects
Whether you have a few minutes or an entire day, you can make your home look better. Read about fast makeover projects you can complete in one day or less.

Flea Market Decorating Styles
Here are six great decorating styles you can create using flea market finds.

Flea Market Finds
Whether you're searching for fine antiques or budget finds for a makeover, you can find them at the flea market. Flea market finds lend themselves to numerous decorating styles, or you mix them all together for your own individual look. Learn what to look for, and how to get the best price once you find it.

Flea Market Finds to Hang as Artwork
Turn flea market finds into artwork by hanging them on your walls. The look is quirky and personal, and it costs less than buying reproduction prints at a department store.

Get the Look: New Orleans Style
Whether you prefer an apartment in the French Quarter, a colorful shotgun cottage, or a grand manor in the Garden District, get that quintessential New Orleans style.

Home Library Essentials: How to Create a Home Library
You don't have to be manor born to have a home library. You can turn an extra room into an inexpensive home library by furnishing it with flea market finds.

How to Add Color to Your Walls When You Can’t Paint
You don't have to live with beige walls just because your landlord won't let you paint. Add color to your to your space with these renter-friendly decorating projects.

How to Brighten a Dark Brick Exterior
Flea market finds aren’t just for decorating the interior of your home. Combine them with paint to brighten a dark exterior.

How to Buy Furniture on a Budget
You can have a well-furnished home on any budget. Follow these tips to buy good-quality furniture on the cheap.

How to Choose Chairs for Your Dining Table
You don't have to buy your dining room furniture as a matching set. You do need to choose chairs that complement your table's size and style.

How to Create Dramatic Rooms
Dramatic rooms don't require huge budgets. You can use flea market furnishings to create atmosphere and give your space a dramatic look.

How to Decorate (or Redecorate) a Room
No matter what room you’re decorating, the proper steps remain the same. Read about the five steps to decorating a room.

How to Decorate with Books
Whether you're arranging your bookshelves or turning damaged volumes into custom wallpaper or art, here are nine ways to decorate with books.

How to Decorate with Old Photos
Repurpose old photos as decorations to add a vintage, eclectic touch to your home decor. To get you started, here are some ways to decorate with old photos.

How to Decorate with Vintage Trays
Trays are quite useful around the house. You can use them to display and organize your belongings, or even turn them into tables. To get started, try these seven ways to decorate with vintage trays.

How to Decorate with Wallpaper
Papering your walls isn’t the only way to decorate with wallpaper. Here are nine alternative wallpaper projects to add style, pattern, and color to your home.

How to Decorate Your Walls on a Budget
You don't need a big budget to make your walls look great. You just need to decorate them.

How to Get the Loft Look without Moving
Though loft living started as cheap work/live space for artists, those former factories and warehouses command high prices today. If you long for urban loft living, add a few vintage industrial touches to your existing home to get the loft look without spending a fortune or moving.

How to Hang Art Groupings
Art groupings are being featured everywhere -- in magazines, design blogs, and home decorating television shows. Creating them can be tricky, but these tips will help you hang gorgeous arrangements just like a pros.

How to Make a Dark Color Scheme Pop
Liven up a dark color scheme with pops of lighter or brighter color. Accenting with additional color doesn't detract from your deep, rich colors. It enhances them.

How to Mix and Match Dining Tables and Chairs
If you find a fabulous dining table with no chairs, don’t pass on it just because it’s not a matching set. Instead, learn how to mix and matching dining chairs.

How to Mix Different Dining Chairs
Skip the matching dining room chair sets. Opt instead of great looking mix of chairs from the flea market or thrift store.

How to Mix Fabric Patterns
You can mix numerous different patterns together in the same space if you follow some simple guidelines. The keys are paying attention to pattern type, scale, colorway, and proportion.

How to Set Up a Vanity or Dressing Table
Turn your plain bedroom into a glamorous boudoir by adding a vintage vanity or dressing table.

How to Set Up a Vanity Tray
To make your life a little more luxurious, decorate your dressing table or dresser top with a vintage vanity tray.

Interior Lighting Design Basics: The 3 Layers of Home Lighting
Interior lighting design is one of the most important interior design basics, yet it’s often neglected by DIY decorators. To light your home properly, study these lighting design basics and add the three layers of home lighting to your rooms.

Interior Lighting Guide
No room is complete without proper lighting. If you're not sure how to lighting your space properly, read all about interior lighting.

Reading Nook Essentials: How to Create a Reading Nook
You don't have to live without a special reading spot just because you don't have room for a home library. You can carve a cozy reading nook out of a tiny sliver of space. You might use an architectural niche, an unused corner, or even an empty closet.

Renter-Friendly Decorating Projects
Living in a rented space doesn't mean you can't decorate. Show off your personal style and save your deposit with these renter-friendly decorating projects.

Room-by-Room Decorating Tips
Decorating your home sounds easy, until you get ready to start. That's when the indecision and fear kick in. To get you started, read these decorating tips for every room in your home.

Teen Bedroom Ideas for Small Budgets
Teen bedroom decor is no longer just rock posters and moldy pizza boxes. Lately, retailers sell colorful, trendy decor designed exclusively for teens. But, before you break the bank on decor that might be out of date next year, try some creative, low-budget teen bedroom ideas.

Vintage Finds for the Home Bar
Shop flea markets and yard sales for everything you need to set up a home bar or bar cart.

Where to Find Decorating Ideas and Inspiration
When you're decorating your home, one of the first steps is looking for decorating ideas. Here are nine great sources to inspire you.

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