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Decorating the Dining Room with Flea Market Finds

DIY Projects to Transform Your Dining Room.


If your dining room looks a little stale, it's time for a makeover. You don't have to spend much cash. You can use flea market finds to make your dining room as fresh and delicious as the meals you serve there.

How to Upholster Dining Chair Seats

Reupholstering your chairs seats is the fastest, easiest way to update a dated dining room set, and it's a good way to transform a set of flea market chairs. You don't need much fabric or any special skills. You can probably do all of the chairs in a single afternoon.

How to Make Welt Cord

The difference between chairs seats that look professionally upholstered and those that are obvious DIY projects is typically the welt. Welt is the fabric covered cord that runs along the bottom edge of the seats. Making your own welt cord is simple. You can use the same fabric you used for the chair seats, or pop the chair seat fabric by using a contrasting color.

Alternative Dining Chair Seat Fabric

If you're not the traditional sort, there's no need to upholster your dining chair seats in a traditional upholstery fabric. Instead, use an unusual textile for an unexpected look that suits your eclectic decorating tastes. Your options include everything from vintage quilts to hand-dyed batik. You can even use the salvaged pieces from a worn out antique rug.

Homemade Furniture Wax Recipe

Dining tables tend to take a lot of abuse. Protect your wooden tabletop and serving pieces with a coat of homemade furniture wax. Your wood will glow and the entire room will smell fantastic.

DIY Chandelier Makeover

Every dining room needs a dramatic chandelier, but not every budget allows for a purchase from a pricey lighting showroom. Still, there's no need to settle for a cheap, builder's basic chandelier or a tacky, flush mounted fixture while you wait for your ship to come in. Instead, transform a thrift store or yard sale fixture with a dramatic chandelier makeover. The cost is small, but the difference is huge.

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