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Decorating with Fabric

Fabric Projects and Tips for Your Home


Every well-decorated home has fabric elements. Even if you have leather upholstery and wooden blinds on the windows, you need accent pillows, throws, and bed treatments made from fabric. Fabric softens the look and feel of a room, and it helps absorb noise. Using fabric also provides an opportunity to add color and pattern to your space, no matter what your decorating style.

Quick Tips for Finding Fabric Bargains

Before you decorate with a fabulous fabric, you have to find it -- and there's no reason to pay full price. There are plenty of bargain fabrics available at little or no cost. You can use discontinued upholstery samples, repurpose the fabric from vintage clothing, or buy the remnants from the end of a bolt.

7 Ways to Use Vintage Drapery Panels

Whether you alter them to fit your windows or recycle the fabric for new sewing and upholstery projects, vintage drapery panels provide a lot of yardage at little cost. Read about seven projects for repurposing vintage drapery panels in your home.

How to Mix Fabric Patterns

Do-it-yourself decorators are sometimes afraid of using different fabric patterns together in a single space. But, mixing patterns effectively is simple if you follow a few basic rules. Then, you can use two patterned fabrics or ten to add interest to your rooms.

17 Projects using Fabric Samples, Scraps, and Remnants

Fabric samples range from postcard sized to big enough to make a pillow or upholster a chair seat. Once manufacturers discontinue upholstery and drapery fabrics, the retailers who carry the fabric usually just throw them away. Ask if you can have them instead. Then, try one of these 17 projects using fabric samples and scraps.

Alternative Fabric Ideas for Dining Chair Seats

Upholstery fabric isn't your only option when you're reupholstering the seat of a dining or accent chair. If you favor an eclectic, personalized look, try one of these alternative fabric ideas instead. You can use everything from hand-dyed batik to the good sections of a threadbare antique rug.

How to Sew French Seams

Learn to sew French seams to make your sewing projects look as good on the wrong side of the fabric as they do on the face. That's particularly important with unlined items such as window curtains. French seams also protect against fabric fraying, which is ideal when you're using fabric too delicate or sheer to zigzag or serge.

How to Make Covered Welt

Whether you're upholstering an entire sofa, sewing a slipcover, or just adding new fabric to a chair seat, adding covered welt makes the difference between an obviously amateur effort and a piece that looks professionally upholstered. Covered welt also adds strength to the seams. If you make covered welt from a contrasting fabric, the welt becomes a distinctive design element.

How to Upholster Chair Seats

Reupholstering your chair seats can give your dining room a new look in just one afternoon. Changing the seat fabric on a single dining style chair from a flea market or yard sale turn someone's castoff into an accent chair for your living room.

How to Make a Bed Crown Coronet

If you love the opulent look of bed curtains and a canopy, you can get a budget version of the look by making a bed crown coronet from half-round piece of medium density fiberboard and some fabric. A bed crown coronet adds drama to an adult bedroom. Or, make one for your young daughter's room to make her feel like a princess each time you tuck her in at night.

How to Make No-Sew Window Valances

If you've never sewn a single stitch and don't plan to start, you can still make a simple window valance from fabric. This no-sew window treatment project is fast and easy. If you can operate a staple gun and a mesauring tape, you can complete the project.

How to Make a Braided Rag Rug from Scraps

Soften your floor and put those fabric scraps to work by making a braided rag rug. You can stick with fabric that shares your a chosen color scheme, or make a multi-colored rag rug that randomly incorporates all of your fabric bits and pieces. Either way, it's a great look for country, cottage, bohemian or indie interiors.

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