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Fast Home Makeover Projects

Decorating Projects You Can Complete Fast


Today's busy lifestyles leave little time for extensive and time-consuming decorating projects. Instead of waiting until you can take the week off of work, break it into manageable bites with these last minute mini makeovers. Whether you have an afternoon or just a few minutes, you can do something to make your space look and feel better. There are even projects you can complete when your company is due to arrive within the hour. Here's how:

15-Minute Makeovers

Though 15 minutes barely seems like enough time to waste, you can use that time to soften the lighting, arrange throw pillows, replace your cabinet hardware - or even do a temporary upholstery job with duct tape.

30-Minute Makeovers

In just half an hour, you can refresh your home and do a bit of redecorating. If you work fast, 30 minutes is all you need to paint a drawer front, create a tabletop display, arrange a collection, or hang curtains using thumbtacks. Don't scoff. The latter worked for acclaimed interior decorator Miles Redd.

One-Day Makeovers

You can accomplish a great deal if you have an entire day. You can reupholster all of your dining chairs, stitch up new throw pillows, make a simple window treatment, hang an art grouping, or even rearrange an entire room. Imagine what you can get done if you devote one day a week for a few months. You'll have an entirely new interior.

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