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Interior Lighting Guide

Your Guide to Interior Lighting


A room isn't functional or finished until you add the lighting, and a well-lit space requires more than just a builder's basic overhead fixture. To light your space properly, you need a mix of lighting sources and you need to position them in the right places. Choosing the right fixtures is also part of the process.

Interior Lighting Basics: The Three Layers of Home Lighting

The three layers of home lighting are ambient, task, and accent lighting. You need all three for a functional, well-lit space, but you have numerous options with all three types. Learn how to light your space, and how to choose the fixtures that best suit your decorating style.

Turn Flea Market Finds into Table Lamps

The bases on many of today's most popular table lamp styles were inspired by antique and vintage objects. Instead of paying big bucks for the reproductions, turn original pieces into your own unique table lamps. Read about 13 flea market finds you can turn into table lamps.

Dramatic Chandelier Makeover

When you're buying a chandelier, you can pay a fortune at a ritzy lighting shop or opt for the basic versions at a department or hardware store. A third option is buying a plain chandelier from the flea market or thrift store, and then giving it a dramatic DIY makeover. The cost and time investments are small for such a big change.

Load It or Leave It: When a Ligting Bargain Isn't

Antique and vintage lighting fixtures look fabulous with many interior decorating styles, and you can save money by buying them at flea markets, yard sales, and thrift stores. It's cheap and easy to buy a new shade or rewire, but sometimes you'll encounter fixtures you just can't put right. Learn which lighting bargains to buy, and which pieces you should leave behind.

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