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Do-It-Yourself Repairs and Restyling

Learn how to revamp inexpensive flea market and yard sale pieces into high-style home decor. Read easy step-by-step instructions for basic repairs. Or, restyle your finds for a completely new look.
  1. DIY Holiday Projects (9)

10 Ways to Decorate with Vintage Printed Tablecloths

Budget Window Treatment Ideas
By making use of flea market and other secondhand finds, you can give your windows a custom look without busting your budget.

How to Dress up Draperies and Curtains
Dress up boring curtain and drapery panels by adding inexpensive vintage finds.

Vintage Finds to Repurpose as Curtain Hardware
Give your window treatments a custom look by turning flea market finds into fun curtain hardware.

DIY Chair Makeover Ideas: 7 Ways to Makeover a Chair
Take a flea market chair home and give it a makeover. You can reupholster, make a slipcover, or even paint both the frame and fabric.

Getting Crafty with Flea Market Finds
If you stitching, building, and making it yourself, secondhand sales are prime sources of inexpensive craft supplies.

DIY Chair Makeover: Changing the Fabric
Changing a chair's cover changes its look, and reupholstering isn't even the only way to do it. You can also slipcover or paint it.

DIY Chair Makeover: Changing the Frame
A chair makeover begins with freshening up the frame. Your options range from applying a new stain to using a decoupage technique.

DIY Kitchen Projects
Make your kitchen more functional and more attractive with these DIY kitchen projects.

How to Repurpose Flea Market Finds
When shopping flea markets and yard sales, watch for objects you can transform or restyle. You can repurpose flea market finds as home furnishing of every type.

How to Reupholster a Chair Seat
Reupholster the seat of a dining style chair to get a lot of change with very little effort or expense. View these step-by-step photos and easy instructions, and then transform your own chair.

Alternative Fabric Ideas for Upholstering Dining Chairs
Hunt down inexpensive, flea market alternatives to traditional fabrics when you're ready to reupholster your dining chairs. It's green, saves money, and you'll end up with an unusual look.

10 Flea Market Finds to Use as Headboards
If your furniture budget is limited, you can turn these 10 flea market finds into inexpensive ideas. Like so many creative, budget-friendly solutions, you may not want to turn loose once you can afford the furniture store bed.

13 Flea Market Finds to Turn into Table Lamps
Get the designer lamp look from a DIY project when you turn flea market finds into table lamps. Here are 13 lamp base ideas to get you started.

8 Flea Market Finds to Use as Pot Racks
Instead of spending big bucks at a kitchen specialty store, make inexpensive DIY pot racks from inexpensive flea market finds. Here are eight ideas to spark your imagination.

Turn Flea Market Finds into Room Dividers
Divide your living space or hide your clutter by making room dividers from inexpensive flea market finds.

5 Ways to Restyle an Old Dresser or Chest
Instead of refinishing that flea market dresser or chest, try one of these creative ways to restyle it. You may just end up with a new favorite piece.

6 Ways to Repurpose Old Ladders
Repurpose an old wooden ladder as a charming home decoration. Try one of these six ladder projects for accents as functional as they are decorative.

7 Ways to Use Old Mason Jars
Flea markets and thrift stores are usually full of old canning jars. Recycle them home for home storage, or restyle them into candle or electric lights. Give your home the rustic touch with these seven ways to use old Mason jars.

8 Ways to Repurpose Old Picture Frames
Turn old picture frames from the flea market into fresh home decor.

7 Ways to Use Vintage Drapery Panels
You can use discarded draperies as a substitute for cut yardage in a host of home decorating projects. To get you started, read these seven ways to use vintage drapery panels.

How to Decorate with Vintage Scarves
Turn vintage scarves for flea markets, estate sales, and thrift stores into charming, colorful home decor. Read about five ideas to get you started.

How to Turn Flea Market Finds into Tables
Repurpose common flea market finds into tables for your home. You'll save money, and you'll end up with a creative, personalized look.

Alternative Occasional Tables
Turn inexpensive, secondhand finds into DIY cocktail, console, and end tables for your living room.

Flea Market Finds to Turn into Entry Tables
If you haven't found the perfect entry table, make one using these flea market finds.

Base Ideas for Glass Table Tops
Turn flea market finds into inexpensive bases for glass-topped tables.

Decorative Storage with Flea Market Finds
Before you start tossing your treasures or shopping the home-storage aisle at the department store, consider using flea market finds as decorative storage. In addition to spending less, you can turn practical storage into an attractive display.

Alternative Bookcase Ideas
Instead of spending a fortune on store-bought bookshelves, make your own from the five flea market finds. They'll cost less and look more interesting in your space.

Chalkboard Paint Decorating Projects
Join the chalkboard paint craze with these easy chalkboard paint decorating projects. You can buy chalkboard paint that's ready to use or make your own.

How to Decorate with Chalkboard Paint
Chalkboard paint is a popular decorating tool for today’s interiors. To decorate your home with chalkboard paint, try one of these easy projects.

How to Recycle Old Windows
Old windows are easy to find at flea markets and yard sales, and you can repurpose them as decorations for your home.

How to Recycle Old Windows for the Garden
Transform old wood windows for use in your garden. You can build a planter, a potting bench, or even a walk-in greenhouse.

Turn Old Windows into Wall Art
Recycle old windows as wall art for your home. You can turn into frames, mirrors, or wall-mounted curios.

How to Turn Old Windows into Furniture
Transform old wood windows into new furniture for your home. You can make headboards, curio cabinets, and tables of all types.

How to Repurpose Old Shutters
Reuse and repurpose old shutters to add vintage charm to your home.

How to Recycle Old Shutters for Your Exterior and Garden
Recycle old shutters as decorations for your home's garden and exterior.

How to Turn Old Shutters into Furniture
Add vintage charm to your home by making furniture from salvaged shutters.

How to Repurpose Old Shutters as Home Organizers
Turn old shutters into handy household organizers with a vintage touch.

Cabinet Door Makeover
Interior Decorator Wayne Shielly wanted visible storage in his Memphis kitchen, so he replaced the wood panels in his upper cabinet doors with chicken wire. Follow the steps of his cabinet door makeover to update your kitchen, or to jazz up a piece of flea market furniture.

Dramatic Chandelier Makeover
Turn a plain builder's stock fixture into a dramatic chandelier by following the steps in this chandelier makeover.

How to Cover a Drum Shade with Wallpaper or Fabric
Instructions for covering a drum shade with wallpaper or fabric.

How to Make a Braided Rag Rug From Fabric Scraps
Make a charming, braided rag rug from free and nearly free fabrics -- scraps, upholstery samples, and remnants. You can also use the fabric from the old clothing, bedspreads, and draperies sold at garage sales and thrift stores. Medium to heavy-weight fabrics work best. Follow the simple instructions to learn how.

Vintage Wallpaper Book Covers -- How to Make Book Covers from Vintage Wallpaper
Vintage Wallpaper Book Covers -- How to Make Book Covers from Vintage Wallpaper

How to Hang Textiles - How to Hang Vintage Textiles on the Wall
How to Hang Textiles - How to Hang Vintage Textiles on the Wall

How to Make a Hanging Lamp from a Vintage Tin
Vintage tins turn up at nearly every flea market and antique mall. The canisters, boxes, and other containers feature fun, colorful graphics and text. Whether or not you’re a collector, you can add a touch of tin to your home with a homemade tin hanging lamp. The supplies are cheap, and the process is fast.

How to Line Drawers with Fabric
Antique dressers, chests, and cabinets look lovely in your home, but they’re often hard on your delicate clothing and linens. The old wood drawers are often rough and splintery. Glue-down drawer liners are one solution, but they’re hard to remove. The glue residue and resulting damage may reduce your furniture’s value. Protect your furniture and...

How to Make a No-Sew Window Valance

15 Things to Make Fabric Samples, Scraps, and Remnants
The gorgeous fabrics you can find free or nearly free may seem too small to use for home decorating projects. They're not. While you probably can't recover your sofa with scrap yardage, try these 15 ways to use fabric samples, scraps, and remnants to decorate your home.

15 Ways to Decorate with Vintage Wallpaper
You’ll occasionally see exquisite vintage wallpapers at flea markets, estate sales, and antique malls. While you might get lucky and find an entire roll or more, more often that not you’ll find partials and scraps. If you find a paper you love, don’t put it down if you can’t paper the dining room. There are at least 15 ways to use vintage...

How to Clean Copper
Don't pass on copper cookware or decorations just because of a little tarnish. Instead, learn how to clean copper without using chemicals.

How to Remove Lacquer from Copper
There are several ways to remove lacquer from copper. Each requires some elbow grease, but all three ways of removing lacquer are fairly simple.

Homemade Furniture Wax Recipe
Make nontoxic, homemade furniture wax with this simple recipe, and give your wood furniture a warm, lustrous sheen.

Natural Fabric Deodorizers for Used Upholstery, Rugs, and Textiles
Remove the musty smell, smoke, and other odors from used upholstery, rugs, and textiles with these natural fabric deodorizers.

15-Minute Home Makeovers
Whether you're looking for a quick fix or a permanent change, freshen up your home fast with these 15-minute home makeovers.

30 Minute Makeovers
If your home needs some help but you're short on time, get a new look with one of these 30 minute decorating makeovers.

One Day Home Makeovers
Not all home makeovers mean tearing apart your home for weeks on end. Here are six home makeover projects you can complete in an afternoon.

How to Upholster a Door
Add style to your interior doors by upholstering them with fabric. Upholstered doors look chic and add instant drama to your room. Read the simple steps and learn how to upholster doors.

How to Make Welt Cord
Using welt cord, or piping, on your upholstery project gives your piece a finished, professional look. Learn to easily make your own decorative welt cord.

How to Make a Square Pillow
Sew your own square throw pillows from vintage fabric. The process is fast and easy.

How to Make Binding and Bias Tape - How to Make Homemade Binding and Bias Tape
How to Make Binding and Bias Tape - How to Make Homemade Binding and Bias Tape

How to Calculate Curtain Yardage
Give your homemade curtains that professional workroom look by learning to calculate curtain yardage.

How to Cover Buttons with Fabric
Most craft stores sell button covering kits, but it's nearly as easy to cover your own buttons without one. Fabric-covered buttons add dressmaker style to pillows, upholstery, window treatments, and other home textiles -- and they're a great way to use fabric samples and scraps. Make them from solid or patterned fabrics, or showcase a...

How to Sew a French Seam
Use French seams while sewing your curtains, bed coverings, and other home decorating textiles. French seams look finished on both sides, and they help prevent fraying.

5 Flea Market Finds to Use as Freestanding Room Dividers
Make your own freestanding room dividers from inexpensive flea market finds. Here are five room divider projects to get you started.

7 Flea Market Finds to Hang as Room Dividers
Skip the pricey, store-bought room dividers and make your own hanging room divider from flea market finds. Here are seven ideas to get you started.

10 Flea Market Finds to Use as Christmas Ornaments
Turn vintage flea market finds into unique Christmas tree ornaments. Here are 10 ideas to get you started.

How to Make Rag Ball Christmas Ornaments and Garland
Turn scrap fabric into rustic Christmas tree decorations by making rag ball ornaments and garland. Rag ball holiday decorations are fast, easy, and inexpensive.

My Before and After Chair Makeover
Readers share before and after photos of their dining chair makeovers.

My Scrap Fabric Project
Readers share their home decorating ideas for using fabric scraps, samples, and remnants.

My Vintage Wallpaper Project
Readers share their ideas for decorating with vintage wallpaper, whether it's papering the walls or other home decorating projects.

Show Off Your DIY Window Treatments
Readers show photos of their DIY window treatments, and share how they made them.

How to Stain Furniture
About.com Interior Decorating Guide Coral Nafie shares tips on staining furniture.

When Not to DIY: How to Ruin Antiques
Before you start sanding and stripping, read this article by About.com Antiques Guide Pamela Wiggins about the main ways people accidentally ruin their antiques.

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