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One Day Home Makeovers

Fast Home Makeovers You Can Finish in an Afternoon


When your home is short on style but you're short on time, redecorating may seem like wishful thinking. It's probably not the time to call in the contractors or start a lengthy project. But, if you can carve out an afternoon or two to update up your abode, try one of these fast, one day home makeovers. They don't take much time, but they do make a huge difference.

Reupholster Your Dining Chairs

Most people don't think of fast when they consider an upholstery project, but reupholstering your dining chair seats takes little time -- and you don't need any precious experience. If you can operate a pair of scissors and a staple gun, you have all the skills you need to give your dining room a new look.

Reupholstering dining chairs doesn't take much fabric, so consider using a fabric remnant if you're also short on cash. If you're yearning for a fun, unexpected look, try reupholstering your chair seats in an alternative fabric. You can use an old quilt, a hand dyed textile, or even a damaged, antique area rug.

Sew New Throw Pillows

Give your bedroom or living room a new look and a pop of color and pattern by stitching up new throw pillows. Sewing throw pillows is fast, especially if you stick to basic rectangular or square pillows. If the fabric is stunning enough, you don't really need a bunch of fancy embellishments.

Because throw pillows are relatively small, you can use scraps, discontinued upholstery fabric samples, or even old clothing to make them. To save even more time, make your pillows from fabric napkins. The shape and size is ideal for a square pillow, and fabric napkins are available in a wide array of colors and patterns. Because the edges are already finished, you won't even have to worry about raveling.

Make Window Treatments

Do it yourself window treatments don't always require yards of pricey fabric, complicated hardware, and weeks of tedious sewing. Some don't require any sewing at all. If you already have shades or blinds installed for privacy, you can soften the look by making custom, no-sew window valances. All you need is a few yards of fabric, a mounting board, and a staple gun. The process is fast and easy. With most rooms and windows, you can complete the project in a day -- most likely with time to spare for other activities.

Choose a fabric that complements the other furnishings in the room to really make your windows pop. Since you don't needs tons of fabric for simple valances, save money by using leftover fabric from an upholstery project or the discounted end of a remnant bolt.

Rearrange a Room

Sometimes you have all the furnishings and accessories you need, and you just need to move them around. When things stay in the same place for a long time, you stop seeing them. Rearranging a room makes everything look fresh and new again, and you don't need to buy or make a single object.

Save time -- and strain on your back -- by making a floor plan before you start moving the furniture. Measure the overall length and width of the room, and then do the same for each piece of furniture. Plug your measurements into an online space planning tool, or draw them on one-quarter inch grid paper. If you opt for the paper route, draw the furniture to scale on a second piece of grid paper and cut them out to use as templates. Then, just move the furniture templates around on your floor plan. When you find an arrangement you love, move the furniture in the room to match the floor plan.

Create an Art Grouping or Gallery Wall

Just as you stop seeing your furniture when it's been in one place too long, you stop noticing your artwork when it's been hanging in the same location for years. Rehang your pieces and you'll start seeing them again; you'll remember why you loved them in the first place.

For the biggest impact, create an art grouping, or even a gallery wall if you have enough pieces. Art groupings make for a current look, and they make ideal primary or secondary focal points in a room.

Paint Something

Though paint is messy and requires you to move things about, you don't have to paint the entire house at once. For a fast freshen up, you can paint a single room or just an accent wall. A new paint color makes a huge difference in a room, and you can do it in a day if the room isn't huge. When you choose the right paint color, paint can even help highlight your room's best features and help you minimize its flaws.

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