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Homemade Furniture Wax Recipe

How to Make and Use Your Own Furniture Wax


Waxing your wood furniture protects the wood and gives it an unparalleled luster and depth, but some commercial waxes contain chemicals, and scents, you might not want in your home. Make you own homemade furniture wax that’s nontoxic and smells delightful with this simple recipe.


  • Beeswax
  • Paraffin
  • Oil (almond, coconut, walnut, or olive oil)
  • Vanilla or lavender essential oil


  1. On the stovetop, slowly melt equal parts beeswax and paraffin in a double boiler, under close watch. For one project, you might start with 1 ounce of each. Both waxes are flammable, so don't heat directly on the stovetop without the double boiler, and don't use a microwave.

  2. Once the waxes have reached a liquid state, slowly stir in 1.5 cups of oil per ounce of wax. Adjust the amount of oil next time if you prefer a harder or softer wax.

  3. Turn off the burner and let the mixture cool.

  4. As the mixture cools, stir in 5 drops of vanilla or lavender oil per ounce of wax.

  5. Pour mixture into a container with an airtight lid. A wide-mouth glass jar is best, but plastic will work too.


  1. Using a clean, soft cloth like a cloth diaper or old t-shirt, rub wax into the wood using circular strokes.

  2. Let the wax dry for 30 minutes or so.

  3. Using a second cloth, buff to a shine by rubbing in the direction of the wood grain.

  4. If applying to raw, refinished, or especially dry wood, try three thin applications, 8 - 12 hours apart.


  • Reapply wax every six months, or every three months for floors.

  • In between wax applications, dust regularly with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust and maintain shine.

Other Uses:

  • You can use this homemade furniture wax as a floor wax on your unsealed hardwood floors. Reapply every three months.
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