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Starlight Six Giant Flea Market


Starlight Six Giant Flea Market

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The last remaining Atlanta drive-in theatre, the historic Starlight Six, opens its grounds each weekend for a huge, open-air Starlight Six Giant Flea Market.

Wander around the six outdoor movie screens to inspect the wares of hundreds of dealers. The atmosphere is that of a giant outdoor party. The merchandise is more garage sale fare than commercial antique dealer, with low prices to match.


  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • 2000 Moreland Avenue SE
  • On the grounds of the Starlight Six Drive-In Theatre
  • Little Five Points Neighborhood

Dates and Times:

  • Every Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting
  • 7 a.m. through 3 p.m.
  • Closed each Labor Day Weekend


  • 25 cents per person
  • Free parking
  • Pets are not permitted on the property
  • Alcohol is not permitted on the property


With no permanent vendors, the merchandise varies from week to week, but you'll usually find some of the following:

  • Furniture, antique to nearly new
  • Jewelry and clothing
  • Lamps and other lighting
  • Funky, handmade artwork and decorative items
  • Glassware and dishes

The Inside Scoop:

  • More vintage merchandise than new.
  • The Starlight is located in Little Five Points, a hip, artsy, culturally diverse Atlanta neighborhood, and the booth rental price is low. This flea market is a great place to buy original artwork from local artists, or to sell your own.
  • The dealers are more likely to negotiate at the end of the day when it's time to pack.
  • Vendors aren't permitted to sell food or drink, but concessions are available from the theatre's snack bar.
  • Coffee for $1 is available from the snack bar.
  • Outside food and drink are permitted.

More Information:

  • 404-627-5786
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