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Countrywood Neighborhood Sale in Cordova, Tennessee


Yard sale shoppers flock to the Cordova, Tennessee each year for the annual Countrywood Neighborhood Sale. Cordova is a suburb of Memphis. The huge yard event draws crowds from all over the Greater Memphis area and from neighboring states. The 2010 event featured more than 200 sales -- and that number doesn't even include unregistered sales.

The Countrywood Neighborhood Sale takes place in the fall, typically in September, and includes the adjacent Carrollwood Lakes neighborhood.


Dates and Times:

  • One weekend each September
  • 2014 Dates: To be announced
  • Daylight to dusk
  • Rain or shine

Along the Way:

Countrywood Neighborhood Sale Tips:

  • Though the yard sale officially takes place just on Saturday, plenty of sellers open for business on Friday too -- enough that's it's worth going on both days. The Friday sales tend to start later in the day, anywhere from late morning to late afternoon.
  • Food vendors are scattered throughout the neighborhood; just follow your nose. Enjoy homemade Memphis barbecue, funnel cakes, and plenty of county fair-style offerings.
  • You'll see banks of port-o-potties at various points in the neighborhood, but you'll probably have to wait in line. If you find yourself at one of the convenience stores at the edges of the subdivision, stop and use the facilities.
  • Countrywood is a large subdivivison. You'll likely want to park near a cluster of sales, walk both sides of the street, and then drive to the next section. Beware of blocking driveways.

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