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Highway 54 Yard Sale - Western Kentucky


The year 2011 marks the start of the Highway 54 Yard Sale in Western Kentucky. Organizers plan to make the yard sale a biannual event, with sales each May and September. The Highway 54 Yard Sale spans approximately 50 miles, from Owensboro to Leitchfield.

The Route:

  • Owensboro to Leitchfield in Western Kentucky
  • Approximately 50 miles along Highway 54

Dates and Times:

  • Spring Yard Sale: First weekend of May
  • Fall Yard Sale: Third weekend of September
  • Thursday through Saturday
  • 2014 Dates: May 1 through May 3 and September 18 through September 20

Along the Way:

  • When you pass through Fordsville, stop to enjoy the annual Fordsville Days Festival Fundraiser on Main Street. In addition to yard sales, you'll find craft booths, food vendors, and rides. The fundraiser benefits the Fordsville Depot Museum.

Highway 54 Yard Sale Tips:

  • Watch for clustered sales in fields, parking lots, and city parks.
  • Look for yard sale signs pointing to off-highway sales as you pass through towns.
  • Brush up on the Top 10 Yard Sale Shopping Tips before you go.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and take your Yard Sale Tool Kit.

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