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Highway 60 Yard Sale in Western Kentucky


Shop for bargains and enjoy the fall scenery at Western Kentucky's Highway 60 Yard Sale. The annual highway yard sale, which began in 2006, includes eight counties and 200 miles along U.S. Highway 60. In addition to yard sale finds, you'll find plenty of booths featuring food, arts, and crafts.

The Route:

  • Western Kentucky
  • 200 miles along U.S. Highway 60
  • Spans eight counties -- Livingston, Crittenden, Union, Henderson, Daviess, Hancock, Breckinridge, and Meade

Dates and Times:

  • late September or early October
  • Friday through Sunday
  • 2014 Dates: October 3 through 5
  • 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., but individual sellers may start later

Along the Way:

  • When you pass through Henderson, Kentucky, visit the GRADD Arts & Crafts Festival. The festival features live music, arts & crafts, and lots of food booths. It takes place on Friday and Saturday -- October 1 and 2 -- in Audobon State Park.

Highway 60 Yard Sale Tips:

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