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Historic U.S. 80 Hi-Way Sale


Treasure hunt through Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi at the Historic U.S. 80 Hi-Way Sale. The three-state highway yard sales is biannual, with sale events each April and October. The Historic U.S. 80 Hi-Way Sale runs along nearly 400 miles of Highway 80.

The Route:

  • Mesquite, Texas to Jackson, Mississippi
  • Sale runs through Louisiana
  • 392 miles along U.S. Highway 80

Dates and Times:

  • Third weekends of April and October
  • Friday through Sunday, except when the sale falls on a holiday
  • 2014 Dates: April 18 through 19 and October 17 through 19

Along the Way:

  • Stop and enjoy local cuisine, flea markets, and community events along the way.

Historic U.S. 80 Hi-Way Sale Tips:

  • Look for signs pointing the way to off-highway yard sales.
  • Watch for group sales in fields, churches and parking lots.
  • Top 10 Yard Sale Shopping Tips
  • Print parts 1 and 2 of the yard sale route map before you go.

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