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Christmas Decorating with Flea Market Finds

Turn Flea Market Finds into Holiday Home Decor


Flea markets aren't just ideal for sourcing year-round decor. They're also fantastic for finding antique and vintage Christmas decorations, as well as the vintage bits and parts you can use to make your own. From decorating the tree to trimming your packages, keep an eye out for flea market finds you can use as holiday decor.

Collecting Vintage Tree Ornaments

From delicate antique clip-on ornaments to kitschy 1970's elves, vintage tree ornaments are still affordable when you find them at flea markets and antique malls. Start a collection of your favorite type this year.

Christmas Kitsch

Even if you typically favor serious, traditional decor, the holidays are a time for fun. While you're shopping secondhand, keep an eye out for kitschy elves, santas, and reindeer. You'll find everything from tree ornaments to stand-alone pieces you can use in your yard.

Alternative Christmas Trees

If you don't have the space for a full-sized tree, don't skip the holiday decorations entirely. Instead, try one of these space-saving alternative Christmas trees. You can make an alternative holiday tree from a houseplant or a vase full of spray painted branches from your backyard. If you have no extra space at all, you can even suspend a cluster or ornaments from the ceiling.

How to Decorate with Glass Ball Tree Ornaments

If your collection of vintage glass ball ornaments exceeds the space on your Christmas tree, try one or more of these alternative ways to decorate with them. You can create a centerpiece for your dining table or decorate the bannister on your staircase.

10 Flea Market Finds to Repurpose as Tree Ornaments

If you're the crafty type, repurpose these 10 types of flea market finds as vintage inspired ornaments for your Christmas tree. It's fun, creative, and green. It also costs less than buying pricey new ornaments from a hobby or department store. Some of the projects are even suitable for the entire family.

5 DIY Christmas Tree Garlands

From old-fashioned paper chains to quirky photo displays, you can turn flea market finds into handmade garlands for your Christmas tree. Use a single type, or go crazy with a mix. That's the great thing about holiday decorating. It's hard to do too much.

10 Flea Market Finds to Use as Gift Wrap

Instead of shoving your carefully chosen holiday gifts into generic gift bags, customize your presents by turning flea market finds into gift wrap. Your recipients will probably admire the wrappings as much as the gifts.

10 Flea Market Finds to Use as Gift Trim

When you start buying fancy decorative trims for your holiday packages, the supplies can sometimes exceed the costs of the gifts. Instead, get creative and repurpose vintage flea market finds as charming gift trim. You can even personalize the trim to the recipient's taste.

9 Flea Market Finds to Use as Gift Boxes

To add a fun, unexpected touch to your holiday gift giving, upcycle these flea market finds as gift boxes. In some cases, if your recipient enjoys vintage pieces, the boxes can even count as another gift.

5 Flea Market Finds to Use as Gift Tags

Skip the generic "to and from" stickers this year in favor of customized gift tags made from flea market and other vintage finds. You can use everything from luggage tags to photocopies of old black and white family photos.

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