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Insider Tips for Shopping Flea Markets and Yard Sales

Learn the methods antique dealers, decorators, and seasoned bargain hunters use to score big at flea markets, yard sales, auctions, and thrift stores. Find fantastic furniture, accessories, and artwork for decorating your home. Get tips on negotiating, the best days and times to shop, and how to spot the real treasures amidst all the junk.

13 Dos and Don'ts for Thrift Store Shoppers
Make the most of your thrift store shopping by following these 13 thrift store dos and don'ts.

What to Buy at Flea Markets and Yard Sales
It won't help to be the first one at the sale if you never know what you should buy. Study these tips to shop with confidence -- and so you don't end up making buying mistakes.

How to Haggle for Lower Prices
Learn to haggle for lower prices at flea markets, yard sales, and other secondhand sources. Become a power negotiator by following these tips.

15 Haggling Phrases That Work
If you're not sure how to ask for a lower price, try one of these 15 tested haggling phrases.

Load It or Leave It: When a Bargain Isn’t
Bargain hunting at flea markets and yards sales is a great way to stylishly furnish your home on a small budget. But, some of those bargains may cost more to repair than you realize. Learn what can be easily repaired, and when you should just walk away.

Guerrilla Garage Sale Shopping: Tips for Scoring Big
Consistently scoring at yard sales is a mission. Like any mission, it requires strategy. Read the tips to learn everything you need to know to complete garage sale basic training.

The Best Times to Shop Flea Markets and Yard Sales
Shopping flea markets, yard sales, and other secondhand sources is a treasure hunt. Whether your goal is to find the most treasure or score it for the best possible price, you need to know the best times to shop flea markets and yard sales.

Top 10 Yard Sale Shopping Tips
You never know what you’ll find at a yard sale. It’s a different experience every single time you go, and sometimes you’ll go home empty-handed. Nevertheless, you can improve your odds of scoring on your next yard sale outing by following the top 10 yard sale shopping tips.

10 Thrift Store Shopping Tips
Follow these thrift store shopping tips to find stylish decor for your home.

Flea Market & Yard Sale Tool Kit
Create a flea market and yard sale tool kit to make your shopping as productive as possible. You'll have everything you need to make smart, fast decisions about secondhand treasures for decorating your home.

How to Spot Overpriced Merchandise
You don't need encyclopedic price guide knowledge to spot overpriced merchandise. Learn which situations mean the prices might be too high.

The Dos and Don'ts of Secondhand Shopping
From garage sales to thrift stores, study the shopping secrets dealers use for shopping secondhand sources. Learn the dos and don'ts before your next shopping trip.

Yard Sale Shopping Safety
For the most part, estate and yard sale shopping is a pretty safe hobby -- unless you're talking about the hit to your wallet. Nevertheless, since you'll be among strangers, you should practice basic yard sale shopping safety.

The Best Furniture Brands to Buy Used
When you buy used furniture, the furniture brand is less important than quality, design, condition, and the final cost after any needed restoration. Despite that, some furniture brands are more likely than others to meet that criteria. Read about the six best furniture brands to look for when you buy used furniture.

Shopping for Secondhand Furniture
Buying furniture takes a large chunk of any decorating budget. When the budget is already tight, you might think you can't afford furniture at all. You can afford it, even on the smallest budget -- and you can buy quality pieces you'll be proud to own for years to come. You just have to know where to shop and what to buy.

5 Ways to Find Yard Sales
Yard sale shopping has become a competitive sport. You can't win if don't know where the game is being played. Learn the 5 best resources for finding sales in your area.

9 Reasons to Buy Used Instead of New
The low prices aren't the only reasons to shop secondhand at flea markets, yard sales, and thrift stores. Before you make your next purchase, consider these nine reasons to buy used instead of new.

The Best Places to Buy Furniture on a Budget
Furniture shopping can feel overwhelming no matter what your budget. When funds are tight, it‘s even more so. Instead of leaving your home bare or buying a bunch of cheap, particleboard furniture, learn to recognize quality construction and hunt down the best places to buy furniture on a budget.

Should You Buy It?
Before handing over the cash for your next flea market find, ask yourself these six questions.

20 Dos and Don'ts for Flea Market Shoppers
Study these 20 dos and don'ts for flea market shoppers before you attend. You'll know how to find the best treasures, and you'll know how to get them for less.

21 Dos and Don'ts for Yard Sale Shoppers
Before heading out for a morning of yard sale shopping this weekend, study the 21 dos and don'ts for yard sale shoppers. You'll find more and spend less.

14 Dos and Don'ts for Shopping at Estate Sales
Estate sales are similar to yard sales in many ways, but the best shopping strategies are different. Before attending an estate sale, study the estate sale dos and don'ts.

12 Dos and Don'ts for Shopping Antique Malls
Though antique malls are much like flea markets, the best ways to shop them are different. Before hunting for treasure at the antique mall, read these dos and don'ts.

7 Consignment Store Dos and Don'ts
Consignment stores sell home furnishings and other items for owners who don't want to hold their own sales. The merchandise changes frequently, and you never know what treasures you may find. Read the dos and don'ts for shopping consignment shops before you go.

15 Auction Dos and Don'ts
If you're a live auction novice, read these auction dos and don'ts before placing your opening bid.

Quick Tips for Finding Fabric Bargains
Fine upholstery and drapery fabrics used by interior designers usually cost a small fortune. Find out how you can use the same gorgeous fabrics in your home for nearly nothing.

How to Shop for Used Furniture
When you shop for used furniture, shopping at the right places at the right times is just the start. You also have to recognize quality construction and train your eye to spot pieces with potential.

Flea Market Finds
Whether you're searching for fine antiques or budget finds for a makeover, you can find them at the flea market. Flea market finds lend themselves to numerous decorating styles, or you mix them all together for your own individual look. Learn what to look for, and how to get the best price once you find it.

Shop Like a Dealer
You don't have to be a dealer to shop like one. Follow these tips to find the good stuff at low prices.

5 Top Flea Market Trends
Don't be discouraged if your favorite flea market is awash in cheap imports and counterfeit handbags. Here are five of today's top flea market trends.

Flea Market Shopping Guide
Flea markets combine the festive atmosphere of a street carnival with the pulse-pounding thrill of a good treasure hunt. If you attend enough of them, you'll probably happen across a steal or two. Follow the tips and strategies in this flea market shopping guide to find the good stuff more often -- and to get the best price when you find it.

Online Yard Sales
Online yard sales are the perfect solution when you can't attend in person. Learn where to find them, which ones to shop, and how it works.

Store-Bought Gift Ideas for the Flea Market and Yard Sale Shopper
Gift ideas for the flea market or yard sale shopper on your holiday list.

Handmade Gift Ideas for the Flea Market and Yard Sale Shopper
Inexpensive handmade gift ideas for the flea market shopper on your holiday list.

Gifts Ideas for the Do-It-Yourselfer
Holiday gift ideas for the do-it-yourselfer on your shopping list.

Stocking Stuffers for the Flea Market and Yard Sale Shopper
Stocking stuffers for the flea market or yard sale shopper on your Christmas gift list.

Gifts ideas for the DIY Decorator
Holiday gift ideas for the DIY decorator on your shopping list.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Flea Market and Yard Sale Shopper
Surprise your favorite flea market or yard sale shopper with a gift that helps her treasure hunt. These holiday gift ideas include both store-bought and handmade options, and there’s something suitable for any budget.

Gifts Ideas from the Flea Market
You don't have to buy new merchandise to give a thoughtful holiday gift, especially if your recipient enjoys antique and vintage items. Here are some gifts you can find at a flea market or antique mall.

How to Use Yard Sale Treasure Map
Yard Sale Treasure Map makes planning a planning a yard sale route fast and easy. Save hours and find treasure by mapping your route with this free web application.

What Do You Shop For?
Readers share what they shop for at flea markets and yard sales.See submissions

Which Do You Like Better? Flea Markets or Yard Sales?
Readers share their favorite secondhand shopping venues.

Yard Sale Stories - You know you're a yard sale addict when...
Finish the sentence. You know you're a yard sale addict when...

Why I Shop Secondhand
Readers share why they shop at flea markets and yard sales

Do You Haggle?
Readers discuss haggling and their best haggling success stories.

My Best Flea Market & Yard Sale Shopping Tips
Readers share their best flea market and yard sale shopping tips.

My Greatest Yard Sale Find
Readers share their greatest yard sale, thrift store and flea market finds.

My Favorite Flea Market Foods
Readers share their favorite flea markets foods -- what they eat on the spot and what they take home for later.

My Favorite Thrift Store
Readers list their favorite thrift stores.

What's Your Biggest Yard Sale Weakness?
Readers share the items they just can't resist buying at yard sales.

My Strangest Flea Market Find
Readers describe their strangest yard sale and flea market finds.

Your Dream Find at the Flea Market
Readers describe the items they long to find at the flea market, yard sale, or other secondhand source.

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