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Browse Unmappable Craigslist Yard Sales
Yard Sale Treasure Map screen shot
Yard Sale Treasure Map screen shot reprinted with permission from Yard Sale Treasure Map.

When a listing doesn't have an exact street address, sale date, or doesn't look like a yard sale listing, it isn't automatically mapped. But, as a local resident and human, you'll probably be able to decipher "tomorrow on Union across from the store with the big red sign covered in blue chickens", so you can map those sales manually:

  1. On the left side of the page, choose the Other Listings tab.

  2. Use the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom to read all the unmappable listings. Even if your search was just for a specific neighborhood or zip code, all unmappable listings in your city will be included.

  3. When you find a yard sale you wish to attend, click Map This Sale.
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