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Secondhand venues are ideal for furnishing your home or selling your stuff. Learn the tips and resources dealers, decorators, and seasoned bargain hunters use to find furniture, artwork, and accessories -- and how they sell it.

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Secondhand Shopping Tips

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Learn how dealers and decorators find the good stuff at flea markets, yard sales, and other secondhand shopping sources. Find everything you need to furnish and decorate your home. Get tips on haggling, when to shop, what to buy, and when you should walk away.

Shopping for Furniture and Home Decorations

Estate sale chest for sale in antique mall booth.

When you’re furnishing your home on a budget -- or if you just prefer an antique or vintage look -- flea markets, yard sales, and numerous other types of secondhand sales are invaluable sources. Knowing what to buy is one of the keys.

Secondhand Selling Tips

Flea market merchandise displayed on white vintage shelf.

Learn how to organize a profitable yard sale, or clear your clutter using other local and online resources. If you want to go pro, start your own flea market booth, or maybe an eBay or Etsy business. Study the dos and don'ts to avoid the most common mistakes.

Flea Market Directory

Read detailed profiles of the best flea markets across the country. Get the inside scoop on vendors, merchandise, when to shop, and what not to miss.

Annual Highway Yard Sales

Annual highway yard sale events vary in size, ranging from 10 miles to coast to coast. Find the one closest to you, or choose one for a weekend trip.

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