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Highway Yard Sales in October

Citywide, Community, and Highway Yard Sale Held Annually in October


Warrensburg Garage Sale: Browse garage sales, crafts, vintage clothing, and antiques while surrounded by fall foliage of the Adirondacks at the Warrensburg Garage Sale. The festival-like atmosphere of the annual upstate New York event also includes lots of food stands selling tasty treats.

Highway 60 Yard Sale: Western Kentucky's annual Highway 60 Yard Sale takes place in late September or early October -- typically on the same weekend as Central Kentucky's US60 Yard Sale. The yard sale route includes eight counties and 200 miles. Along the way, stop and enjoy community events and sample the local cuisine.

Historic U.S. 80 Hi-Way Sale: Treasure hunt at the Historic U.S. 80 Hi-Way Sale each April and October. The biannual highway yard sale runs along nearly 400 miles of Highway 80, and includes Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Hwy 411 Yard Sale - Leeds, Alabama to Knoxville, Tennessee: Hunt for yard sale finds and enjoy gorgeous fall foliage at the Hwy 411 Yard Sale. You'll travel from Alabama into the scenic Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Held annually at the end of September to the beginning of October, the Hwy 411 Yard Sale spans three states and more than 250 miles.

Roller Coaster Yard Sale - Kentucky and Tennessee: Enjoy a long weekend driving the 150-mile twisting path of the Roller Coaster Yard Sale. The annual event takes place each fall during the end of September to the beginning of October. In addition to finding plenty of bargains, you'll get to enjoy the scenery of the Highland Rim and Cumberland Mountains.

US 60 Yard Sale: Central Kentucky's US 60 Yard Sale takes place in late September or early October, in conjunction with Western Kentucky's Highway 60 Yard Sale. The yard sale route includes seven cities and more than 100 miles of U.S. Highway 60. The route starts in Winchester and ends in Louisville.

Garage Sale Heaven on Highway 67: Garage Sale Heaven on Highway 67 spans Nevada County in Arkansas, running from Emmet to Gurdon. The event takes place on a Friday and Saturday in October, in conjunction with downtown Prescott's annual fall festival.

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