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Missouri Yard Sales

Citywide and Highway Yard Sales in Missouri


100 Mile Yard Sale - Jackson to Kennett: Shop the annual 100 Mile Yard Sale each Memorial Day weekend. The 100 Mile Yard Sale runs along Missouri Hwy 25 from Kennett to Jackson, Missouri.

Highway 61 Yard Sale: Treasure hunt along more than 60 miles of Highway 61 at the Highway 61 Yard Sale. The Missouri yard sale event runs from Jackson to Bloomsdale each September. The 2010 event featured over 300 yard sales.

Historic National Road Yard Sale - Baltimore to St. Louis: Hunt for treasure along more than 800 miles of yard sales along historic US 40 at the Historic National Road Yard Sale. Typically held Wednesday through Sunday in late May to early June, the yard sale route spans from Baltimore to St. Louis.

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