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How the Pros Decorate with Flea Market Finds

Hours Tours from Design Pros who Decorate with Secondhand Finds


If you're not convinced you can create a well-decorated space with yard sale and flea market finds, tour the homes of professional decorators and industry professionals. Antique and vintage pieces are the keys to all of the spaces. Nobody spent a fortune, but their homes all look like a million bucks.

The Luxurious Living Room

Memphis designers Stan Carpenter and Gwen Lausterer scoured antique malls, estate sales, and junk shops to furnish their gorgeous, transitional living room.

Living in the Pink

Decorator Wayne Shielly enjoys a mix of French and English furnishings in his Memphis living room, but he didn't shop just pricey antique shops to furnish his space.

An English Country Cottage Guest room

Memphis-based Wayne Shielly combined family pieces with antique mall and estate sale finds to give his cozy guest room an English country cottage feel.

The Frightfully Divine Study

Wayne Shielly's study shows off his dark side -- in home furnishings, that is. It's the most dramatic room in his house, and he found many of the pieces at local thrift stores.

A Midtown Classic

Dallas-based decorator Don Pritchard favors a classic look created with antique and vintage furnishings. Tour his former Memphis home for decorating inspiration.

A Bedroom Fit for Royalty

This grand master bedroom may have been partially inspired by the homes of Marie Antionette, but the owner didn't spend a King's -- or Queen's -- ransom to furnish it.

Memphis Morning Room

The Carpenter and Carpenter Designs duo created a cozy morning room from a space that opens onto their back courtyard. The room features chairs that were client castoffs and a lamp they made from a piece of junk store pottery.

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