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Opening a Booth: Flea Market vs. Antique Mall

Which Type of Booth is Right for You?


If you're ready to make the leap from secondhand shopper to secondhand seller, you may be wondering which type of booth is right for you -- flea market or antique mall.

While there are common elements to both -- low overhead, low startup cost, and part-time commitment -- each type of booth has its own unique advantages:

Flea Market Booth

  • You interact with customers in person.
  • Few flea markets are open daily, so customers have a big incentive to make fast buying decisions.
  • Since you set up your booth anew each time the flea market opens, it will always look fresh. Shoppers won't assume they saw everything you have to offer on their last visit.
  • Flea markets typically open only on weekends, and sometimes only one weekend per month. Instead of shoppers trickling in at their leisure, they'll all have to come at once. You'll have bigger crowds competing for merchandise, and competition encourages people to buy before someone else swoops in to snatch the goods.

Antique Mall Booth

  • You don't have to man the booth, so your time is more flexible.
  • You have weekends free to hunt for new merchandise.
  • Since your booth is permanent, you can arrange decorative displays much as a store does.
  • You don't have to haul, unpack, set up, pack, and then haul everything away again each weekend.

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