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How to Organize a Successful Yard Sale

Set Up the Sale


Set Up the Sale

  • If you’re having the sale in a garage, start setting up a few days in advance. If you’re having it outside, have everything ready and get up early.
  • Expect to have shoppers show up while you’re setting up outside, well before your starting time. Send them away if they bug you, but know that early birds usually come to buy, and they still have all their money in their pockets.
  • Other than folding tables, don’t display merchandise on anything you don’t want to sell. It seems to be understood that folding tables aren’t up for grabs, but drag a table out of the dining room and shoppers will drive you crazy asking if it’s for sale. Borrow or rent folding tables if you don’t have them.
  • Arrange things logically. Put all the books in one place, all the clothes, all the dishes, etc.
  • Display any valuable items close to the house, or close to the inside door if the sale is in a garage, where you can keep an eye on them.
  • If the sale is in your garage, try to remove anything not for sale. If that isn’t possible, rope them off and use “Not for Sale” signs.
  • If the sale is in the yard, use “Not for Sale” signs or stickers on any statuary, lawn ornaments, planters, etc.
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