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How to Start a Flea Market Business


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Visit Flea Markets Where You Might Want to Sell

Every flea market has its own vibe. Some attract professional and budget decorators, and some specialize in discount toiletries and tube socks. Many are a blend of both. Visit the ones within the distance you’re willing to travel to find the best fit for your business. While you’re deciding:

  • Make sure the product you want to sell is permitted. Some flea markets only allow vintage goods. Some prohibit food. Some limit the number of each type of vendor.

  • Make sure the flea market isn’t oversaturated with the type of merchandise you want to sell. The exception to this concern is vintage and antique home furnishings. There can never be too much. Buyers flock to the flea markets with the most available.

  • Make note of pricing on items similar to yours.

  • Find out when each flea market is open. Some open every weekend, and some only one weekend a month. You might find a permanent business home, or you might want to make the rounds each month.

  • How is booth space reserved? Is it weekly, monthly, or a longer commitment. How far in advance do you need to make a reservation? Are there penalties for skipping a week?

  • How much does it cost? Does the flea market have both outdoor booths and permanent indoor spaces? Which would you prefer?

  • Talk to other vendors. Find out if they’re happy with traffic and sales.

  • Are tables, tents, and chairs available for rent?
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