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How to Start a Flea Market Business


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Set Up Your Booth and Sell
  • The flea market may have required times for setting up booths. Be aware of these.

  • If the flea market doesn’t specify the time, get there early. You want to have everything ready to sell when the customers arrive, and they will arrive the moment the flea market opens.

  • Be prepared to negotiate price. Customers want to haggle. Decide in advance how much low you’ll be willing to go, and be friendly during the negotiation. It’s sport, not conflict.

  • Take plenty of cash, including lots of ones.

  • Unless you have a designated cashier, who sits at a designated table and has no other duties, do not use a money box. Otherwise, you will accidentally leave that box unattended at some point during the day.

  • If you have no designated cashier, wear a fanny pack or an apron with large pockets. The apron is best. You don't have to worry about a zipper and it helps shoppers identify you as the vendor.

  • Smile and say hello when people come to your booth, but don’t try to sell. Mirror the customer. If the customer is chatty, then chat. Otherwise, be available when they need you, but don’t bug them.
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