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Home Decorating Styles and Trends

Explore various decorating styles, from the classics to the latest trends. Get inspiration from famous designers, movie sets, historical periods, and locales across the globe. Learn how to recreate your favorite looks using inexpensive secondhand treasures from flea markets and yard sales.

How to Get the Layered Look
If a stark space makes you cringe, you may be well suited for the layered look. Read about six ways to create a layered interior.

11 Tips for Mixing Wood Finishes
Matching is a dirty word in the home design industry, and buying a matching set of wood furniture is a particularly heinous offense. Read about 11 tips for mixing wood finishes.

10 Easy Spring Decorating Ideas
Freshen up your home for the season with these easy spring decorating ideas.

How to Do Themed Rooms Right
A over-the-top themed room looks like a child's space, which is fine if that's what you're decorating. If you're decorating an adult space, take inspiration from your theme, but don't take it too far.

Theme Room Ideas
If you're considering a themed room, here are some ideas to get you started.

5 Subtle Ways to Add Color to a Room
Adding color to a room doesn't always mean painting the walls. You can make a big impact by incorporating these small ways to add color to a room.

Book, Study, and Reading Spaces: Home Libraries and Reading Nooks
Whether you have an entire empty room or just a corner, you can turn that unused space into a charming spot to read, research, or study.

Collectible Vintage Jewelry
Turn your flea market shopping skills into a vintage jewelry collection with these stylish and collectible pieces.

Color Trends: Decorating with Turquoise
Pantone named turquoise the 2010 Color of the Year. Try adding a touch of turquoise to your home. For a little inspiration, enjoy the image gallery.

Decorating with Pattern
Whether you use a little or lot, decorating with pattern adds extra oomph to any space.

From Tot to Teen: Decorating Children’s Rooms
From tot to teen, you can decorate your children's rooms using inexpensive, secondhand finds. Since they'll likely want a new look every few years, the budget-friendly approach is ideal.

Get the Look of Your Favorite Television or Movie Set
Find decorating inspiration on the sets of your favorite television shows and movies. Read about how to copy the looks you love.

Get the Look: Beach Style Decorating
For some, a laid-back, shoes-off beach house is the ultimate vacation spot. You can use beach style decorating ideas to give your home the relaxing feel of a beach house all year long -- and you can do it on a small budget with yard sale and flea market finds.

Get the Look: New Orleans Style
Whether you prefer an apartment in the French Quarter, a colorful shotgun cottage, or a grand manor in the Garden District, get that quintessential New Orleans style.

Get the Look: The Burrow Kitchen from the World of Harry Potter
If you loved the look of the Weasley's kitchen in the Harry Potter movies, shop flea markets and yard sales to give your kitchen the Burrow look.

Get the Look: Aunt Marie’s Trailer on 'Grimm'
Decorating inspiration from Aunt Marie's trailer on the NBC series 'Grimm.'

Get the Look: Rosalee’s Exotic Tea and Spice Shop on ‘Grimm’
Decorating inspiration from Rosalee’s Exotic Tea and Spice Shop on NBC's 'Grimm.'

Hanging Art in Clusters
From the homes of celebrity design superstars to amateur enthusiasts on a thrift store budget, art groupings are popping up everywhere -- in magazines, design blogs, and home decorating television shows. Creating them can be tricky, but these tips will help you hang gorgeous arrangements just like a pros.

Home Library Essentials: How to Create a Home Library
You don't have to be manor born to have a home library. You can turn an extra room into an inexpensive home library by furnishing it with flea market finds.

How to Decorate an Egyptian-Themed Room
If you’re a world traveler at heart, embrace the majesty of ancient Egypt with an Egyptian-themed room.

How to Decorate Children’s Rooms using Flea Market Finds
Children can certainly put a strain on the budget, but you don't have to go into hock to decorate their rooms. Instead, decorate children's rooms using flea market finds.

How to Decorate with Wallpaper
Papering your walls isn’t the only way to decorate with wallpaper. Here are nine alternative wallpaper projects to add style, pattern, and color to your home.

How to Get the Loft Look without Moving
Though loft living started as cheap work/live space for artists, those former factories and warehouses command high prices today. If you long for urban loft living, add a few vintage industrial touches to your existing home to get the loft look without spending a fortune or moving.

How to Hang Textiles - How to Hang Vintage Textiles on the Wall
How to Hang Textiles - How to Hang Vintage Textiles on the Wall

How to Make a Bed Crown Coronet
Add old-world elegance to your bedroom with a bed coronet. A bed coronet can make a master bedroom feel more romantic, or make a young girl's room fit for a princess. Though custom versions get pricey, you can get a similar feel with a do-it-yourself bed coronet.

How to Make a Dark Color Scheme Pop
Liven up a dark color scheme with pops of lighter or brighter color. Accenting with additional color doesn't detract from your deep, rich colors. It enhances them.

Modern Home Styles in America
While you're shopping for modern furnishings, keep an eye out for the modern home styles.

Reading Nook Essentials: How to Create a Reading Nook
You don't have to live without a special reading spot just because you don't have room for a home library. You can carve a cozy reading nook out of a tiny sliver of space. You might use an architectural niche, an unused corner, or even an empty closet.

The Divine Chair Company
Kitty McBride, owner of The Divine Chair Company, talks about her chairs and shares some tips for your own chair makeovers.

Teen Bedroom Ideas for Small Budgets
Teen bedroom decor is no longer just rock posters and moldy pizza boxes. Lately, retailers sell colorful, trendy decor designed exclusively for teens. But, before you break the bank on decor that might be out of date next year, try some creative, low-budget teen bedroom ideas.

Vintage Accessories for Hip Chicks
If your love of vintage extends to fashion, look for these vintage accessories the next time you browse a thrift store or estate sale.

Vintage Clothing Trends
Read about vintage clothing trends and the pieces you should buy in 2013.

Vintage Trends for the Fashion-Forward
Vintage clothing and jewelry are among today's most popular fashion trends. Learn what to buy and where to find it.

What Do You Collect?
Readers share their collections.

What's Your Decorating Style?
Readers describe their favorite decorating styles.

10 Reasons to Use Pinterest
Pinterest isn't just a bunch of pretty pictures. It's full of decorating and fashion inspiration, remodeling tips, DIY projects and more. Read about 10 ways to use Pinterest.

5 Tips for Using Pinterest for Inspiration
Don't waste looking through pins that don't inspire you. Here are five tips for getting the most from Pinterest.

How to Use Pinterest
Wonder what all the pinning talk is about? Read all about using Pinterest for business, play, and personal inspiration.

5 More Reasons to Use Pinterest
Joining Pinterest isn't just a leisure activity. It can help you learn about yourself, study history, or find the perfect gift for a friend.

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