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Vendor Profile: Glashoff Gallery


Scrap metal sculpture by Phillip Glashoff.

Bowl Lady by Phillip Glashoff

Photo © Glashoff Gallery

Glashoff Gallery showcases the works of father and son sculptors Phillip Glashoff and Chad Glashoff.

What They Make:

Both Phillip and Chad create large-scale pieces suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. Phillip's work includes whimsical figural pieces and guitar sculptures.

Though Chad echoed his father's vocation, his work is his own. His pieces feels a bit more formal and are frequently abstract.

How They Make It:

The Glashoff Gallery artists use recycled metal for their welded pieces. When Phillip first began to sculpt, he found inspiration and a ready supply of materials in the broken and discarded machinery on the family's ranch. Phillip and Chad now scout for usable scrap metal at junkyards.

Where to Find It:

Glashoff Gallery pieces are featured in both private collections and public installations. Glashoff Gallery sells in galleries and at art festivals throughout the year. Flea market shoppers can find Glashoff pieces at Treasure Island Flea Market, a San Francisco Bay Area market featuring original works from designers and artists.

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