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Figure Out How Much Your Flea Market Finds Are Worth

Do you want to resell, insure, or just know how big you really scored? Use these tips and resources to find out what your flea market and yard sale finds are worth. Learn to research provenance, accurately date items, and identify makers’ marks.

How to Spot Overpriced Merchandise
You don't need encyclopedic price guide knowledge to spot overpriced merchandise. Learn which situations mean the prices might be too high.

How to Do a Completed Item Search on eBay
About.com Antiques Guide Pamela Wiggins walks you through conducting a completed item search on eBay, a great way to find out what is selling and what people are really paying for it.

Kovels Online Price Guide
Find the value of your antiques and collectibles using this online version of Kovels' popular annual price guide. Search by keyword, or alphabetically by category.

Read the forum and search the archives for articles on collecting. For $5.95, you can have 24 hours of access to their price guide.

Proxibid is an online auction host for art, antiques, collectibles, etc. Do an advanced search for completed listings by year.

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