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Readers Respond: My Favorite Thrift Store

Responses: 7


Which is your favorite thrift store and why?

What have you found there? Any really great scores?

Be sure to include your city and state, and feel free to list more than one.

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Second Time Around

By far my favorite is Second Time Around in Green Forest Arkansas. They have the most Aeropostsal clothes I have ever seen in a thrift store. They also have great furniture. A must stop at for anyone in northwestern Arkansas.
—Guest jesse 22

Cool stuff

Can find really cool weird stuff in a place called Zamo's at 12th and Otis in Brookland near catholic U...weird hours but usually open on weekends. I bought a 200 year old book and a monkey lamp... theres vinyl and some sweet glass and silver but not my thing, also saw a lot of farm stuff...not your average thrift shop
—Guest Jedi

Be Nice

I work at a charity store and our policy is that we can't buy anything until it has been on the floor for at least 24 hours - so NO the employees really don't get to pick the best pieces out first!!!
—Guest Joanne

good will

The prices are wayto high . They go thru and employees take all the good things.should be illegal.
—Guest bonny

B ecky

America's Thrift stores in Alabama are THE best. I find clothes, furniture, paintings, CDs, everything! They are so very organized.
—Guest Becky

My favorite thrift store

KARM Knox Area Rescye Ministry always has really nice furniture and clothes. I've also bought a couple of nice paintings, lamps, and practically new toys.
—Guest Marie

Habitat for humanity and Unique Thrift

The best selection at fair prices. There is so much stuff at these two places, Best thing is they are not picked over by the employees!!
—Guest Marcy

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My Favorite Thrift Store

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